How To Repaint A Concrete Patio So The Paint Will Stop Peeling

If you recently moved into a home with an existing patio that the previous owners painted and the paint is peeling off, then you will be pleased to know this is a simple problem to fix. It is important to note that paint peels from concrete because it was put on using either the wrong type of paint or the wrong technique. Thankfully, by removing the peeling paint and correctly reapplying the right type of paint, you can have your patio looking new again.

Follow this simple procedure to remove the peeling paint and repaint your backyard patio:

Step 1: Remove the Peeling Paint Using a Dry Wire Brush

Using a dry wire brush, remove any peeling paint. The wire brush will not damage the concrete and will help to lift the paint flakes from the patio's surface.

Step 2: Pressure Wash the Patio

After you remove the paint flakes with the brush, then you should pressure wash the entire patio. Apply a degreaser to the surface and pressure wash the patio clean. This will help to remove any loose paint that brushing did not.

Step 3: Patch Cracks and Pitting Holes with Mortar

If the patio has any cracks or pitting holes on it, then you should patch these using mortar. You can purchase a small tub of pre-mixed mortar at your local hardware store or have a professional from a place like Pumptex Concrete Pumping come and fix up the slab for you.

Step 4: Apply a Coat of Concrete Paint Primer

Once the patching mortar has completely dried, then paint a coat of concrete paint primer onto the entire patio surface. When you purchase the primer paint make sure that it is rated for use on concrete and outdoors. This is important because many concrete paints are designed for use on garage floors and are not suitable for outdoor use. Allow the primer paint ample time to dry before applying the finishing coat. If you do not wait long enough, this will cause the paint to be too thick and will lead to future peeling problems.

Step 5: Apply a Coat of Exterior-Grade Concrete Paint

Finally, once the primer paint has dried on your patio, then you can apply a final coat of exterior-grade concrete paint. While you are at the paint store, you can have the paint tinted any color you choose. If you have decided not to color the paint, then you should use a primer that is a slightly different color that the top coat of paint. Otherwise, you will have a problem discerning where the new coat of paint has been applied and where it has not. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry before using your patio or putting your patio furniture back on it.