4 Design Tips For An Awesome Pool Deck

If the pool is the outfit, the pool deck counts as the accessories. Just like with fashion, the wrong choice in accessories can ruin the entire outfit. When designing your pool deck, keep this idea in mind so that you choose a style that is complementary.

Take Cues from the Elements

It's always a good idea to take cues from the elements. Although the pool is meant to be a focal point, you still want it to somewhat blend in with the space around it, so that it looks more natural. One of the best ways to do this is to use colors and materials that mesh well with your space. For instance, in a desert environment, painted concrete and natural stone would be two options that could accomplish this.

Go with Durability

Always go with durability when planning your pool deck. It doesn't matter how much effort you put into the actual design, if the materials you choose are of low quality or not designed to withstand the elements in your local climate, the materials will start to fail and degrade. The result is a deck area that looks worn very quickly. In addition to the eyesore, choosing low-quality materials can also introduce safety hazards for you and your family.

Mix and Match Materials

To add more texture to the pool area, consider incorporating more than one material. For instance, you could have the perimeter of the pool deck lined with a natural stone or brick. You could then add concrete to the remainder of the space. This simple variance in materials will give the space more dimension and even give it a more customized look. Additionally, if you want to incorporate a higher cost material, but can't afford to install it around the entire deck area, this can help.

Create Zones

To piggy back off the previous tip of mixing and matching materials, consider doing this with the idea of creating zones in mind. For instance, if you want to arrange an area for an outdoor table, a diving board, and lounging chairs, you can use different materials for each area. This idea can create imaginary lines that makes your outdoor space look more cohesive and organized. Just make sure the materials selections are complementary to one another.

These small tips can have a big impact on the look and quality of your pool deck. A professional installer can help you choose which options are going to be best for your space.