Ways To Make Porta Potties More Appealing To Event-Goers

You may know a person or two who has sworn to never use a porta potty again. But when you are managing an outdoor event, sometimes these are the most efficient and feasible options for providing restrooms. How can you make them more appealing to event-goers? Here are some ideas.

Opt for the Bigger Stalls

Claustrophobia can play a role for many people who hate porta potties. But for anyone, it's simply nice to have a bit of a bigger space, especially when you're in a small receptacle with human waste. Oversized porta potties are a good idea if you can spring for a little bit of leeway in your budget. On the plus side, they are more accessible to guests who are in wheelchairs. You might at least have a couple of larger porta potties; attendees can choose to wait for them if they are disinclined to use the smaller facilities.

Have Handwashing Stations Readily Available

It also helps to have the handwashing stations easily accessible and visible. Some of the hesitancy to use these facilities is memories of porta potties that were out of hand sanitizer. If you set up some portable sinks and have them well-stocked, that will go a long way to making the facilities more appealing.

Have them Well-Maintained

Aim to keep the area around the porta potties pristine. Store trash receptacles a little further away from the porta potties so that people aren't tempted to trash the area. Have a maintenance staff member go through the porta potties and the surrounding areas on a routine basis to collect trash or report sanitary issues to a cleaning person. And be sure you have enough supplies to last through the duration of your event; things get messy when there's no more toilet paper.

Use Gravel to Avoid Mud

Do you expect to have inclement weather during your event? Rain mixes with the mud to create a sludge just outside of your porta potties that are off-putting to anyone. Did you consider that you can use good-old-fashioned driveway gravel around these entryways to provide traction and prevent the build-up of slippery mud?

Keep a Good Maintenance Schedule

For very high volume porta potties, you might be having them emptied on a daily basis. That certainly will keep their cleanliness levels up. Even on days when you don't have the tanks replenished, you could still have someone hose and dry the interiors or at least clean off the toilet seats. Maintenance needs can build up quickly, so choose a portable toilet company that is on its game and ready to respond to maintenance needs on short notice.

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