How To Add Color To Concrete

Concrete surfaces can look bland, boring, and industrial. That is, traditional gray concrete doesn't exactly look very stylish or homey. If you want something with a warmer, more natural look, you should consider adding some color to your concrete. There are several different ways you can add color to concrete. This article explains a few of the best options if you are looking to add some style and class to your concrete surface.

New Concrete Pours

If you are pouring a fresh batch of concrete, you have a few more options when it comes to adding color. For instance, when starting from scratch you can buy a concrete mixture that is already colored. So, you just need to install pour the concrete like normal, and it will dry with the color that you choose. Traditionally, there are only a few muted, natural colors to choose from.

Adding Color to Existing Concrete

Your other option, which is obviously your only choice if your concrete is already poured, is to add color after it is dried. There are two different ways you can add color to concrete after it has dried.

Concrete Tints

First of all, you can just add a concrete tint. This is a liquid solution that you pour onto the concrete and let soak in to the surface. These tinted finishes don't affect the texture or finish of the concrete, they just stain the concrete to give it some color. Tinted finishes work great on clean concrete, but they can be very uneven and patchy if the concrete is dirty. That is, the tint will absorb differently in different areas of old, worn down, and faded concrete.

Concrete Glazes

Another option is to apply a glazed finish on top of your existing concrete. The glaze will add some water protection to your concrete surface, shield it from staining, and add some shininess to it. Many people don't like the shiny surface, partly because it can't be slippery when it gets wet. While there are tinted glaze products, there are also products that have a clear finish. So, you could apply a concrete tint, and then put a clear glaze on top of it to protect it and shield.

As you can see, there are quite a few option if you want to add some color to your concrete. It is definitely a project that you should consider doing because of how much it can improve the style of your concrete surfaces. It is cheap and easy work that is great for DIYers. For more information, contact a company like S&W Concrete.