3 Advantages of Concrete Slab Sawing Over Jackhammering

When it comes to making repairs to roadways, parking lots, and other slabs of concrete or asphalt, there are a few different options to use to get the job done, but each one is not as efficient as the next. While a lot of contractors will use jackhammering to remove a slab of this dense material, it is a much better option to go with slab sawing using industrial concrete slaws with diamond blades. Take a look at some of the advantages of using concrete slab saws instead of jackhammers during these types of projects. 

Eliminate the mess that comes along with jackhammering. 

For many years, jackhammering has been the go-to method to remove sections of concrete, but this is certainly not the most efficient process. You are essentially chiseling away at the concrete piece by piece, which means there will be a lot of noise and a lot of expelled dust during the process. It is not at all uncommon for the dust created by jackhammering a slab to be carried out into traffic, where it can cause problems with visibility or be blown onto local buildings and coat windows and doors. With concrete slab sawing, the cuts made are much more straightforward and clean, so it is less messy overall. 

Forgo problems with prolonged work in an area. 

Other methods used to remove sections of concrete or asphalt can take quite a while to complete. For example, if jackhammering is used to break up the slab and remove it piece by piece, the project can take a while to complete. When concrete slab sawing is used to remove a section of concrete or asphalt, the slab is simply cut into pieces and removed, so the project does not take all that long to get done. 

Achieve a cleaner work area to contend with after slab removal. 

If a piece of concrete is simply cut and removed, you really do not have to do a lot of prep work when it comes time to redo the area. You will be left with a more solid surface, free of dust and debris, so you can simply sweep out the area and get started on the next project. For example, if a slab of concrete is being cut out and removed because it is damaged or porous, the old slab can be cleared quickly, and you can start pouring the new concrete almost immediately.